Supporting Technology with Technology.: December 2005

Supporting Technology with Technology.: December 2005.

Admittedly this is an old post regarding Dell support being that it’s from 2005. I came accross it by accident and just had to post about it. It’s not the content really that compeling, it’s Dell’s support in general. I have seen their support over the years go from being arguably the best compared to toher desktop manufacturers to hitting a bad slide downward.

Their reputation in being able to support their desktops and servers took a hit and for many years. The townward trend openned opportunities for other dekstop and server vendors to make strides in market share.  In recent years, I’ve seen their support improve somewhat in an effort to get their share back and recently needed support from Dell and was quite happy with the results. One of the best additions in recent years from Dell and HP has been their online chat. Chat support extended from just sales to tech support and I use it all the time.

They have gained some of my and my colleagues confidence back but it took a while and for that while, if someone asked me what desktop or laptop to get I would bring up the support issue with them to be calculated into their decision.



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Work in technology field, touch many types of technologies from Exchange servers, to Citrix XenApp, virtualization like vmware, xenserver, MS hyper-V. Install servers, server apps, blackberry servers, networking hardware like Cisco switches routers, ASA firewalls, Sonicwall firewalls, and of course all levels of Microsoft from AD, DNS, to even desktops.

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