Set Default Program for Viewing images on XenApp and RDS 2008

Set Default Program for Viewing images on XenApp and Windows RDS 2008 Server One of the

via Set Default Program for Viewing images on XenApp and RDS 2008 – PC Tech Support – Computer Desktop Software.

One of the differences, and there are many, between windows 2003 server and windows 2008 server  (including windows 2008 R2) when using these operating systems for RDS (terminal services) with or without Citrix Xenapp is that file associations and default programs for opening or in the case of this post viewing files has changed.

The change is from an administrator having the ability to set a default program or file association once by logging to a server as an administrator and setting for example adobe pdf file be opened by reader or adobe acrobat while logged in as an administrator and that setting will apply to all users who connect to the server via terminal server RDP.RDS or through Citrix xenapp through a published app.

With windows 2008 server and windows 2008 R2, this setting is per user. That means each user can have a unique setting or different user groups can have different settings from each other.


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