Enable RDP in Windows 7 Remotely using Regedit

Enable RDP in Windows 7 Remotely using Regedit

Connect To Remote Windows 7 Using Registry Editor

Connect to remote Windows 7 using regedit by running regedit on the local computer that will be used to connect to the remote Windows 7 computer.

Enable RDP in Windows 7 Remotely

Once in the registry of the remote windows 7 computer, navigate to the key fDenyTSConnections . It is found in the Local Machine Hive  -> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> Terminal Server

Remotely edit registry settings in windows

Enable RDP on a Windows 7 Computer Remotely

Change fDenyTSConnections to 0 (zero).  This is done by double-clicking the fDenyTSConnections DWORD entry. When the smal window that allows the change opens, change the value 1 to a 0. This disables “deny”.

Remotely Modify Windows Registry to Enable Remote Access

Remotely Modify Windows Registry