Exchange 2010 – Find ActiveSync Device Statistics for a Single User Account

Exchange Shell to display ActiveSync details of connections for a single user account mailbox

There are several Exchnage Shell commands that will provide output and detailed information for activesync connections, users , devices. If a single user is having an issue and you need to see the details for the single user or active sync phone or device then issue the folloiwng command.

Get-ActivesyncdeviceStatistics -mailbox




Email disapearing missing email hosted Exchange Outlook 2010


A user was losing emails that were moved into folders and even emails that were supposed to be in the sent box were no longer where they should be. It appeared they had just vanished. I actually seen this occure while looking for the cause of the problem I had sent myself some test email messages. I seen the test emails i nthe sent folder then one of them just vanished.

There were no Outlook Rules and the view was set to all email.
After looking around, I seen there were thousands of syncrnization issues.
Sure enough, I saw one of the test messages I had sent in the local failures folder under the sync issues folder .

The sync errors were mostly Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously.

The syncing issues stopped after disabling “Download Shared folders” in the user’s outlook profile.
Many of the emails that had disapeared due to syncronization issues were found in the “Local Failures Folder”.