Mobi Registration Final Notice Domain Renewal Purchase Scam

.mobi Final Notice domain registration scam fax

A customer recently sent a pdf copy of a fax they received from www . mobireg. mobi .   The fax consisted of the right the company had to claim a domain with the .mobi extension and that it was a “Final Notice”.

A copy of the fax/pdf is shown below:


mobi final notice received fax-scam domain expiring or-will-be-taken.png

I called the number in the fax. The it was ansered by a legitamate autoattendant. A live person answered after I tselected one of the option from the phone menu tree. They answered my first question regarding this service and then I was hung-up on on the second legitamate question I was asking regarding the domain.

.mobi registration scam received on fax machine – says “Final Notice”

Not sure if this falls into the pool of some of the worst scams but an unsuspecting person in a small office who has been assigned the task of being the psuedo IT person could be taken by this and register the domain thinking if they don’t they could get themselves into trouble. They’ll pony up the fee to register the .mobi domain name thinking also it’s the right thing to do before someone else gets it.


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11 Responses to Mobi Registration Final Notice Domain Renewal Purchase Scam

  1. Kevin Jordan says:

    My client got the same scam fax today.

    • pctechgo says:

      It seems they did a one time or brief period of faxing. Hvae not received or had users/customers inform me of anymore faxes.
      I guestimate they got some new registrants. It seems like a dirty approach to get clients but probably worked.

  2. kelly says:

    Just got one of these for my domain in San Diego…i called and got hung up on 3 times just for asking simple questions about what this was. The same guy with an accent answered all 3 times. It’s definitely a scam.

  3. Lee Denney says:

    I got an email from them concerning paying for my domain for one year. I ignored it and then got a demanding FAX from them. I made a complaint with the NC Attorney General supplying them with their emails and FAX. The NC Attorney General sent them a letter which came back as their address appears to be phony

  4. Ms. Tuck says:

    I received one today (Boise Idaho). Thanks for posting this on the web so I would know it’s a scam. I’m one of those “psudo IT people” you referred to. 🙂

  5. JB says:

    I just got this notice today (Oklahoma).

  6. SB says:

    Our office just got this fax today. Everything except for the company name (Internet Registrations) and address (Washington DC) is the same – even the phone and fax numbers match those in the picture you posted!

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