Display Citrix ToolBar in Full Screen Published Desktop

Edit webinterface conf fiel to Show the Citrix Toolbar in Published Full Screen Desktop

Edit webinterface conf fiel to Show the Citrix Toolbar in Published Full Screen Desktop

Display the Citrix Toolbar in Full Screen published desktops

Display the Toolbar during full screen published desktops. This setting is disabled and commented out by default. To enable the toolbar in the published desktop to be displayed, edit the webinterface conf file and remove the # (pound sign) in front of the line ShowDesktopViewer=off. Then change the off to “On” as shown in post the image.

The next time the user login, they will have the toolbar at the top of their published desktop screen.

citrix toolbar in published desktop

citrix toolbar in published desktop



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Work in technology field, touch many types of technologies from Exchange servers, to Citrix XenApp, virtualization like vmware, xenserver, MS hyper-V. Install servers, server apps, blackberry servers, networking hardware like Cisco switches routers, ASA firewalls, Sonicwall firewalls, and of course all levels of Microsoft from AD, DNS, to even desktops.

2 Responses to Display Citrix ToolBar in Full Screen Published Desktop

  1. pctechgo says:

    This worked perfectly. The new desktops had the receiver plugin from Citrix. This is a newer plugin that caused a full screen desktop without a toolbar to minimize. Upon minimizing the full screen desktop the user can see their “real” desktop. With the receiver, the toolbar was not visible. This setting had to be enabled and the 12.3 plugin had to be installed. It was installed and did not remove the Citrix receiver. the Citrix receiver was needed for another Citrix farm this user had to connect to.

  2. pctechgo says:

    Just recently we had another client that had a problem with the desktop viewer toolbar.
    The user would see their virtual desktop in full-screen mode and would not show the toolbar. The option of Alt + F2 was available. When the hot-key combination was used the full screen view of the virtual desktop would change to a windows viewed, but there was no desktop viewer toolbar even after switching back to full-screen. In this case, the problem was definitely on the local desktop. A simple test was performed to see if the problem was the desktop of the Citrix Xen Desktop configuration by accessing another site from the same client. The desktop viewer toolbar was not displayed for this other unrelated client virtual desktop connection either. The desktop viewer toolbar relies on .NET framework. A repair installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework solved the problem for this client. We worked on the system remotely by access and remote control the desktop over the Internet. The software provided us remote control desktop access and not to mention the ability to test both the local Citrix Xen Desktop installation but using the remote control software we accessed the test site. The test site was a totally different Citrix Xen Desktop installation unrelated to this customer. The remote access and remote control software was remote support software by 4RemoteSupport. The Xen Desktop version was 7.5 for both clients. The users at this office were using both Windows 7 and Windows XP computer desktops to access their remote virtual desktops in the cloud.

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