Outlook 2007 Downgrade from Outlook 2013 – Not Implemented Error

A recent downgrade from a pre-installed Outlook / Office 2013 installation worked fine then for a user. After weeks and weeks of using Outlook 2007, and even when clicking send/receive. Rebuilding the profile did not help, clicked to open an email, the error persisted. After looking through different logs to perhaps determine the even that caused the problem for the user it turned out the cause was recent windows updates. Not certian which updat, the user began getting an error message stating Not Implemented. The error displayed when the user clicked on New Email Message, clicked on a message already i nthe inbox, or even when clicking on send/receive.
removing the profile did not help.

Outlook 2007 – Not Implemented Error

The problem was tracked down to windows updates. The user’s Outlook 2007 downgrade worked fine until a batch of windows updates occured. Removing and re-creating the Outlook profile did not help. The way to fix the problem is not to remove the updates because the it’s prefered to keep the updates and continue updating the desktop. Repaing outlook and re-booting the computer solved the problem.


Out-of-Office Not Working in Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010

Outlook Out-of-Office Not working

Outlook Out-of-Office Not working

Out-of-Office Not Working in Outlook 2007

The Microsoft Exchange server version does not matter. It can be Exchange 2010 or exchange 2007, Outlook out-of-office functionality doesn’t work. The user profile for Outlook sets up fine without error but when the user tries to setup Out-of-office emails, they cannot. What can make this an even more peculiar case is that some users on the same network connected to the same exchange server and using the same version of Outlook out-of-office works fine. To make it even more interesting, setting up a different user on the same computer, meaning a user who has not signed in on that computer before, works fine too.

In such a case, the interesting fact to find out is if the user had used Microsoft BPOS or Microsoft Hosted Email services. This problem was found for users at an organization who had used Microsoft BPOS service in the past and not have migrated to their own exchange server.
The solution for my company was the following registry settings had to be changed back to their defaults. Microsoft BPOS changed service these values form their defaults.


The above registry settings are telling Outlook to NOT use Autodiscover and to instead use a local XML file to tell it how to connect to the Exchange server.

Change all the 00000001 to 00000000 . All the values should be zeros.

This worked perfectly. We were able to even do a remote regedit to remotely access the registry and to support it, didn’t even have to remote control the user’s computer desktop. Instead of even remote controlling users computers because there are multiple to many computers to do, you can use login scripts to accomplish the task.