Setup XEROX 550 LDAP Connection to Active Directory for Lookup Search

Setup XEROX 550 LDAP Connection to Active Directory for Lookup Search

Xerox 500 LDAP configuration for Searching AD

Xerox 550 seraches of AD works very well but configuring the LDAP connection can get confusing if you hit too many options at once without understanding what they do.

We had a perfectly running AD, albeit it’s a 2003 AD, but the principal is the same. Below are screen shots of a working AD LDAP lookup integration for the Xerox 550 using CenterView browser based admin interface. Some of the fields have been changed to denote where you must enter your own information.

Xerox Color 550 LDAP Config

The Xerox LDAP Authentication Settings

Xerox LDAP User Mappings

Xerox LDAP Directory Settings in CenterView

the above settings worked. When you perform a test search, the example results could be misleading. You may be entering the first several letters of a users name but a computer name for example  is displayed that may start with the same several letters. This is actually okay. The important thing is that the search worked. On the Copier/Scanner/Printer itself, you will see the results you expect to see.