dcpromo demoting Win2k3 Server Failed to configure the service NETLOGON

Failed to configure the service NETLOGON as requested.
“The wait operation timed out”

dcpromo demoting Win2k3 Server Failed to configure the service NETLOGON

dcpromo demoting Win2k3 Server Failed to configure the service NETLOGON

The error message seen above in the image can occure when demoting an Active Directory domain controller.

Error demoting domain controller: Failed to configure the service NETLOGON

Received this error while demoting an SBS 2003 Active Directory domain controller as a final part of a migration to SBS 2011.  After overcoming obstacles to get exchange removed, this error came up during the dcpromo process in which the domain control that was formally y the SBS 2003 server would be turned into a member server.

The solution to this problem was simple and hopefully it is for you too if you have come across this post looking for an answer should you be confronting this right now.

Change the DNS configuration on the server you are trying to demote and be sure it’s first DNS server configured in the TCP configuration is assigned to the SBS 2011 server or just another Active Directory DNS server if you are just demoting a non-sbs domain controller.



Citrix Xenapp 6 and Xenapp Fundamentals -Terminal Server Listener Stack Was Down. System Cannot Find the File Specified.

xenapp fundamentals windows 2008 r2

Xenapp Fundamentals – Citrix Xenapp – Windows 2008 RDS (Terminal Server)

The relevant status code was: System cannot find the file specified. Terminal Server listener stack was down.

I did not find this solution in any of the documentation and although I had called in for support from Citrix, this was not unfortunately one of the things they looked for while trying to determine the cause of the error. I’m sure others will find this useful even if they are not useing Citrix Xenapp. This was a Microsoft problem, not a Citrix Xenpp problem.

 Event ID 1035

After checking with event viewer the system log and the application log, the following error was entered at the time of the installation failure.

Terminal Server listener stack was down. The relevant status code was: System cannot find the file specified .  Event ID 1035

Citrix Xenapp 6, Xenapp 6 Fundamentals 2008 R2 RDS

This occured during the installation of Citrix Xenapp Fundamentals on Windows 2008 R2. This error was preventign the applciation from istalling. This error can occur on a serve rthat does not have xenapp installed or during the install of xenapp. As this error is purely a terminal server Microsoft RDS issue. So users of RDS on 2008 R2 who experience this issue can try the solution used for a Citrix Xenapp install.

Terminal Server listener stack was down

This was an installation of Xenapp Fundamentals editions on Windows 2008 R2 server. Xenapp would not install on Windows 2008 R2 RDS (Terminal Server) .

For those of you who perhaps only have an RDS installation that is giving you this error message the solution does not change form those of you who may be experiencing xenapp installation issues due to the “Terminal Server listener stack is down” error.

Terminal Server Listener Not Available

Windows 2008 R2 RDS: The final thing that I was able to do to get pas this error and finallly install Xenapp on Windows 2008 server was to add the Xenapp server into the Terminal Server group on the local server. The other thing I did, although it is asl onot required but if you have a large environement you may have already configurd it this way, is to define the license server and not use discovery. Listing the license server may not have contributed to the “stack down” error but it is on of the lat things that were chanegd prior to the installation finally completing.